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Dengue hemorrhagic fever (dengue hemorrhagic fever, DHF or dengue fever, DF) dengue (dengue shock syndrome, DSS) is due to the dengue virus (genus Flavivirus, family members Flaviviridae).

Dengue fever: Triggers, indicators and indicators and therapy


Dengue hemorrhagic fever (dengue hemorrhagic fever, DHF or dengue fever, DF) dengue (dengue shock syndrome, DSS) is a results of the dengue virus (genus Flavivirus, loved ones Flaviviridae).



The virus has 4 diverse serotypes, DEN-one, DEN-two, DEN-three and DEN-4. Sufferers contaminated with any virus are only in a position of constructing lifelong immunity in the direction of the virus. This is strictly why people right now residing in dengue endemic destinations could maybe get dengue Considerably much more than following of their lifetime time. Dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever are predominantly tropical and subtropical disorders. Dengue virus an infection brings about scientific symptoms and signs or symptoms that vary from person to person. The ailment may perhaps manifest just like a nonspecific viral an infection syndrome or significant hemorrhagic disease and bringing about death. In the following paragraphs, the phrase dengue is accustomed to refer to the a few illnesses mentioned around. With regards to Each and every own classification, the precise title in the problem will likely be utilized.


It could be stated that dengue is usually a mosquito ailment primarily transmitted by mosquitoes. Recently the ailment transpires being An important dilemma for Group health and fitness and Health internationally. Globally, about two.5 billion folks reside in spots wherever the disorder is endemic. sot xuat huyet la gi The geographic distribute of both of Those people vectors (mosquitoes) and viruses has resulted in an increase in problem expenses in the last twenty five several years in addition to The chance of outbreaks because of varied serotypes in several urban regions. within the tropics.


I. Epidemiology:


The leading recorded outbreaks transpired relating to 1778 and 1780 in Asia, Africa and North The usa. The Practically simultaneous prevalence through the epidemics on three assorted continents proves the pathogen virus together with the vector has basically been tremendously dispersed all over the world close to 200 yrs in the past. For that period of this time dengue is considered only Light problem. A dengue pandemic transpired in Southeast Asia right after World War II and it has provided that unfold globally. Also in Southeast Asia, dengue was First found out inside the Philippines in 1950 but by 1970 the ailment grew to become an ordinary reason behind hospitalization and Demise amid small children in the course of the location.

II. PATIENT Pattern:

Globally morbidity fees have elevated appreciably in current instances. The dysfunction has now create into an epidemic in about a hundred nations in Africa, the Americas, the jap Mediterranean region, Southeast Asia along with Western Pacific. Southeast Asia plus the Western Pacific would be the elements most affected. Just before 1970, only 9 nations skilled an outbreak. This quantity Substantially much more than quadrupled in 1995. The earth Total wellness Company (WHO) estimates that amongst fifty and 100 million folks are contaminated Just about every and on a yearly basis. Not only has the number of conditions elevated, while the likelihood of an infection with various viruses is likewise significantly alarming.